piątek, 17 września 2010

holiday photo story part 1

This is going to be a pretty long post so prepare yourselves.

I went on a trip to Spain. I've been there this summer already on FIB Festival but my family chose this place so I didn't have much to say. Besides I haven't seen a thing when I was there, only bands live and the hotel.
I had no idea what this trip would be like, I just knew that we're flying to Malaga and then taking the car to drive through Spain. Sounds pretty okay but it tourned out to be the most exhausting two weeks of my live. A bit exciting as well.

The only good thing about Malaga is that Picasso was born there. I went to see his museum, well the paintings weren't the famous ones, but it gave me a nice view on his work in general. The beaches on the other hand are tragic! So dirty and aweful, I do not reccomend you to go there.

Next stop: Granada

Where I only sat at the restaurant and took pics of myself in the toilet haha cause I was pissed at something and my family went sightseeing yeah love myself

Next stop: Sevilla

After Malaga, Sevilla looked like paradise for us. It's a really beautiful city, with the biggest cathedral everrr haha that's funny to see a paper from Guiness book of records in some church. They also have the best park I've ever seen, I could live there.

Then we drove in the direction of Portugal. The stops were Faro and then Lisboa.

I'm in love with these pics of Faro. They really give the atmosphere of the place.

Lisboa on the contrary... The capital city of Portugal and looks like shit. Maybe it was our bad luck, the rain caught us and spoiled all the sightseeing but the general view of the city is really poor, so dirty and damaged.. I couldn't believe it!

oh and I almost forgot about out biggest adventure. We stopped for diner in Sintra, small town next to Lisboa and got the worst meal you could ever imagine. That's my face when I saw a soup with this eeeeeeekskjhdfkha egg on it!!!

The main point of our trip was supposed to be Galicia, on the North of Spain, small cute villages next to the ocean. The bad luck came with us from Lisboa and the rain kept pooring.

First stop of Galicia was Santiago de Compostella where couldn't be more tourists and bigger queques, that's why my memory of the pace is this:

dead fish. haha

Next town was Ponteverda

where I got my first souvenire YEAHH

Then we went to Vigo to go by boat to the real paradise - Islas Cias.

That's the picture made on our last day in Galicia, small town Sanxienxo

holidays with holga

NEXT STOP : BARCELONA, but I'm going to save it for the next post ;)

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  1. myslalem ze to blog o modzie

  2. a gdzie jest tak napisane ? :)

  3. MARZĘ o tripie po Hiszpanii, a jeszcze bardziej o tym, żeby za rok pojechać na Erasmusa do Madrytu. a Twoja fotorelacja tylko mnie o tym przekonuje.

  4. Och jak ja zazdroszczę tego ciepełka, super foty!!! Widać relax na całego och jak ja zazdroszczę.... POZDRAWIAM i życzę miłego weekendu:)

  5. też byłam kiedyś z rodzicami w Portugalii we wrześniu. To nie jest dobry moment bo tam właśnie zaczyna się pora deszczowa i właśnie pada prawie bez przerwy. Też nie wspominam tego wyjazdu jakoś super przez pogodę właśnie ;)


  6. Co za piękne miejsca! Ach. Zazdroszczę :)