sobota, 23 października 2010

I want all of these

Ciągle powtarzam że nie mam kasy, że chciałabym mieć prace, a jedyne co robie to siedzę w domu i obczajam pierdoły w internecie. Teraz robię listę rzeczy, które chcę mieć. Jak? O to będę się martwić później, narazie rozkoszuję się ;)

As I keep saying, I'm broke at the moment! But that doesn't stop me from seaching for new stuff and dreaming of having them all. I could start looking for a job but I'm too lazy for that. What are your must haves right now? Tell me!

(from topshop ♥)

I couldn't find this Knitted Lace Back Shrug back in Sheffield nor Barcelona. When I have the chance I should definitely get this online!

Little black dress with fun cutout detail. Perfect for December events (my bday, Christmas, New Year's). Or the Blush colored cutie...

Blazers! Love them. I have two from Zara and they are not much comfy.. This looks just pefect, and the color!


elegant but casual top

I want every checked shirt I can get!

tops by your eyes lie are amazing

It's cool to wear a hoodie from time to time. espacially with a scull print ^^

Uff that was exhausting!! I'm off to bed, be dreaming about all this. haha. have a good night

I love Johnny's voice

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  1. ta bluzka z kołnierzykiem bardzo mi się podoba. ponadto jestem tutaj pierwszy raz i żałuję, że tak późno :)

    zostaję tu, Mon:)

  2. Ah i did a Topshop post last day. Dresses are beautiful and "Snow Queen" collection is flawless♥
    O and you have a lovely blog, really!
    Stop by sometime:)

  3. like ur blog very much ! really inspiring !

  4. Marudzenie na brak kasy, jakbym slyszala siebie :)

  5. ten sweterek i marynarka z ts - aj jak ja chciałabym to mieć :D